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 Revit to Renderlights

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PostSubject: Revit to Renderlights   Thu May 14, 2015 5:44 pm

Due to Autodesk material encriptions, it seems hard to achieve this, without exporting REVIT models in to different formats.

REVIT materials are utilizing MENTAL Ray shaders, this makes for virtual engines to reject the conversion of this shaders to standard materials.

Basically when exporting, if Mental Ray materials are found, the exporter will transform the object to a generic material, most of the time grey color.

One solution can be to create simpler materials inside of REVIT, this way we can secure the exporting properly.

IFC is our new format supported and we are testing all the options to carry the material information to RENDERLIghts.
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Revit to Renderlights
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